सीएम अरविंद केजरीवाल रामलीला समारोह में बतौर मुख्य अतिथि हुए शामिल, रावण के पुतले का प्रतीकात्मक वध कर दिया असत्य पर सत्य की जीत का संदेश दिल्ली सरकार का वाहन प्रदूषण कम करने की दिशा में बड़ा कदम, पेट्रोल पंपों पर ईंधन लेने के लिए 25 अक्टूबर से अनिवार्य होंगे पीयूसी सर्टिफिकेट भाजपा का ऑपरेशन लोटस दिल्ली और पंजाब में ऑपरेशन बोगस हो गया है- दिलीप पांडे प्राकृतिक सौंदर्यता के कारण हिमाचल पर्यटकों की पहली पसंद, कांग्रेस-भाजपा ने पर्यटन विकास के कुछ नहीं किया : विकास धीमान, अध्यक्ष पर्यटन विंग, आम आदमी पार्टी सीबीआई-ईडी की तरह गुजरात पुलिस ने आम आदमी पार्टी को दी क्लीन चिट, गैरकानूनी तरीके से अहमदाबाद के "आप" कार्यालय में की गई रेड में भी कुछ नहीं मिला- आतिशी ‘‘आप’’ की पंजाब सरकार ने देश भर में सरकारी नौकरियां खत्म कर कच्चे कर्मचारियों की भर्ती करने वाली सरकारों को दिखाया आइना, पंजाब में 8736 कच्चे शिक्षकों को किया पक्का-अरविंद केजरीवाल दिल्ली में इलाज के आड़े नहीं आएगा पैसा, केजरीवाल सरकार सरकार हर तबके के लोगों को मुहैया करवा रही है फ्री इलाज- मनीष सिसोदिया हिमाचल को अरविंद केजरीवाल की 6 नई गारंटी दिल्ली जल बोर्ड का मिनरल वाटर प्लांट शुरू, रोजाना हजारों घरों की बुझाएगा प्यास दुर्गा पूजा को भव्य और बेहतर बनाने के लिए दिल्ली जल बोर्ड के उपाध्यक्ष सौरभ भारद्वाज ने की उच्चस्तरीय बैठक

Delhi cabinet approves electricity subsidy for 1984 riots victims & revised guidelines for SC/ST basties improvement

Updated on Thursday, May 25, 2017 23:15 PM IST

Delhi cabinet in its meeting on Wednesday chaired by the Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal approved the following important decisions, which were announced by Deputy Chief  Minister Manish Sisodia :   

  1. A) The cabinet approved the following proposal of the Department of Power :  

1)      To waive off all pending electricity bills including late payment surcharge and penalty of the victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi, as a one-time settlement scheme.

2)      To extend the 50 % existing electricity subsidy for domestic consumers consuming 0-400 units per months to the 1984 victims.

3)      These benefits will be available to genuine victims or their heirs residing in following colonies –

Tilak Vihar (A,B,C, D, E, F,G)

Jahangir Puri

Sangam Park


Raghubir Nagar


Kabul Nagar Shahdara


Sarai kale Khan


Ranjeet Nagar


  • Delhi government had been receiving representations repeatedly from the victims families to address their grievance.
  • Most of the survivors are widows and elderly people with meagre financial resources.
  • Around 2,274 consumers will be covered under this scheme.
  • The financial implication for the government will be around Rs 13.5 crore
  • The resident should be original allotees of the premises – A certificate from the Revenue Department that the beneficiary is a victim of 1984 riots would be required and is a resident of Delhi.


  1. B) The Cabinet approved the following proposal of the Department for the Welfare of of Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Minorities :   
  • Revised guidelines under the scheme for improvement of SC/ST basties
  • In the year 2005, the then Cabinet had approved the proposal for streamlining the system of implementation of the plan scheme for Improvement of SC/ST basties. It was decided that repair/construction of common bathrooms and community toilets, repair/relaying of side drains and pavements, Kharanja/repair of kucha roads (brick edge soling), repair of approach roads of kharanjas and repair/construction of community centre/chaupal.
  • In 2011, the Department had again proposed for inclusion of DUSIB as second executing agency in addition to Irrigation & Flood Control Department for implementation of the plan.
  • Need for amendment in the scheme has been felt since many years and National Commission for Scheduled Castes has also repeatedly stressed the need for expanding the activities permissible under the scheme for improvement of SC basties.
  • Improvement work in SC/ST basties will be taken up on the request of MLAs, residents or their associations in such basties that are certified as SC/ST basties by the Department.
  • On the basis of various suggestions received from public representatives the following works will be included to expand the scope of the scheme :
  • 1. Construction of Multiservice facilitation centers to be operated in collaboration with different Govt./Private Agencies.
  • 2. Development of Parks and providing benches in public parks.
  • 3. Development of Sports complex,
  • 4. Installation of street lights including high mast lights for safety and security of people living in the SC/ST Basties,
  • 5. Installation of CCTV Cameras for security of SC/SC persons,
  • 6. Laying water and sewer lines and construction of main drains,
  • 7. Construction of gymnasium,
  • 8. Construction of library,
  • 9. Construction of dispensary,
  • 10. Setting up Schools including residential schools,
  • 11. Construction/Renovation/Alteration of Ambedkar Bhawan auditorium(
  • 12. Construction of reservoir,
  • 13. Overhead water tank for DJB water,
  • 14. Setting up of vocational schools,
  • 15. Construction of commercial shed for providing tea stall, cobbler shop, tailor shop, other petty economic activities under the scheme.
  • 16. Construction of sub-ways wherever found technically feasible.
  • 17. Hostel for working women and school girls.
  • 18. Construction of culverts, foot-bridges/bridges.
  • 19. Crematoriums of development of burial grounds.
  • 20. Construction of tube wells and water tanks for providing drinking water to the people or execution of other works which may help in this respect.
  • 21. Provision of common services/community services including maintenance of group toilets, courtyard, common path and similar other services in privately owned katras subject to the stipulations that no ceiling on individual works or on total quantum or works per MLA will be imposed.
  • 22. Bus Stop and Bus ‘Q’ Shelter.
  • 23. Garbage Collection Centre like one’s in NDMC Area.
  • 24. Solar Traffic Lights.
  • 25. The development/strengthening of common areas/common facilities/common passages/balconies/Courtyards/ Common stairs/toilet blocks and various facilities in the slum complexes developed by Slum & J J Department and other such residential complexes allowed under the scheme.
  • 26. Provision of PVC Over head tanks for portable water storage in J J Cluster and unauthorized colonies.
  • 27. The above is not exhaustive but merely an illustrative list of activities for which funds may be released under the scheme. It will be open to the Department to release funds for any other purpose connecting with the needs of the local SC residents; Decision in this regard will be taken with the prior approval of Minister in Charge after taking into consideration percentage of SC population in the particular locality.

The scheme will now be renamed as Scheme for Infrastructure Development under SCSP.