Tuesday, March 09, 2021
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दिल्ली एमसीडी उपचुनाव में AAP की शानदार जीत, दुर्गेश पाठक- ‘भाजपा को इस्तीफा दे देना चाहिए’किसानों के लिए तीनों कृषि कानून डेथ वारंट, इनके लागू होने पर किसान मजदूर बनने को मजबूर होगा- अरविंद केजरीवालमहंगाई- पेट्रोल, डीजल और रसोई गैस की कीमतों में लगी आग, सरसों तेल भी दे रहा है कम्पटीशन: आपखिचड़ीपुर में दलित बच्ची की हत्या, पुलिस का ध्यान आम जनता की बजाए BJP नेताओं की सुरक्षा पर है - आतिशीदुनिया की नजरों में फिर चमका दिल्ली का ‘शिक्षा मॉडल’, आतिशी ने ‘हार्वर्ड इन्डिया कॉन्फ्रेंस’ को किया संबोधितदिल्ली में विकास की गति को बढ़ाना है, तो एमसीडी के उपचुनाव में AAP को वोट दें - गोपाल रायBJP के पूर्व प्रत्याशी संतलाल चावड़िया और एमसीडी श्रमिक संघ के अध्यक्ष जेपी टोंक AAP में शामिलबिहार पंचायत चुनावों में योग्य उम्मीदवारों का समर्थन करेगी ‘आप’ - गुलफिशा युसूफ
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Delhi LG is playing with safety of residents by attempting to stall the CCTVs project

July 30, 2018 08:38 PM

The misleading public statements being issued by the office of the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi on the installation of CCTVs in residential areas and markets is a dirty ploy create deliberate hurdles in the implementation of this major safety measure.

The reasons being given by the office of the Delhi LG to justify licence raj are baseless and lack any reasonable justification.    

The LG’s office needs tell the residents of Delhi how CCTV cameras to be installed at entry/exit gates of residential areas to be identified by RWAs and in market places are a breach of privacy ?

According to the latest data, atleast 118 vehicles are stolen in Delhi everyday and majority of such thefts take place from the parkings of residential areas. So going by the baseless objections being raised by the LG’s office, should the residents of Delhi understand that the LG who is incharge of Delhi Police does not want to prevent such thefts ?

The LG of Delhi should step out of his palace to get a first-hand experience about the serious condition of women safety in Delhi.  Will the LG respond to concerns of women of Delhi that they do not feel safe outdoors during night hours and crimes against women ranging from chain snatching, eve teasing, stalking and crimes of heinous nature including molestation are on the rise ?    

It is extremely unfortunate that LG of Delhi, who is responsible for maintenance of law and order in the city, in place of supporting the elected government in its endeavour of strengthening public security by making budgetary provisions, is for purely political reasons raising baseless objections with ulterior motives.

The LG of Delhi needs to understand now that subjects which fall within the domain of the elected government do not require his concurrence and he will be well advised to act within the constitutional framework and desist from behaving like a BJP appointed viceroy who has no accountability and is not responsible for any of his decisions.

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