Sunday, October 20, 2019
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Delhi Government gives away One Crore as ex-gratia payment to family members of deceased cops of Delhi police

Ina Gupta | September 18, 2019 12:21 PM
A meeting held at Delhi Secretariat today headed by Deputy CM Shri Manish Sisodia and a team of ministers, including Shri Satyender Jain, Urban Development Minister and Shri Kailash Gahlot, the Minister of Revenue, Law and Transport decided to extend the ex-gratia payment of Rs One Crore each to families of eight policemen (from Delhi police) who died on duty.

Among the beneficiaries, the families of eight policemen were approved. They are families of Shri Vijay Singh, ASI, Shri Jeetender, ASI, Shri Mahavir Singh, ASI, Shri Guljhari Lal, Head Constable, Shri Raj Pal Singh Kasana, Head Constable, Shri Khajan Singh, SI, Shri Dharambir Singh, ASI (Exe.), and  Shri Amarpal, Constable.

Shri Manish Sisodia, Deputy CM, directed the officers present in the meeting to immediately go ahead with the ex-gratia payment to relieve the grieving families.

Shri Vijay Singh, ASI was performing duties of PSO of Bhupender Singh on the orders of Delhi High Court. While accompanying Bhupender Singh, on 30th April 2019, a few miscreants came on motorcycle and opened fire at them, to which succumbed to the injuries.

Shri Jeetender Singh, ASI was on traffic duty on 13th November , 2018 when he stopped a tempo who was violating traffic rules and the driver tried to run over him. He held on to the handle of the speeding auto-rickshaw and finally fell down and succumbed to his injuries.

Shri Mahavir Singh, ASI, was on the drunken drive checking duty on 12th July, 2018, when he tried to stop a car. Instead of stopping, the car barged on to the barricades and eventually hit him. He succumbed to his injuries during his treatment.

Shri  Guljhari Lal, Head Constable was on night picket duty at Dwarka underpass on 7th January, 2019 when a speeding car came and hit the barricades and ran away from the spot .  The barricade swung in the air and hit Mr Guljhari Lal severely who was later rushed to hospital and was declared brought dead. He succumbed to his injuries while on the way to hospital.

Shri Rajpal Singh Kasana, Head Constable, was chasing an illegal arms supplier, on 14th January, 2019 ,when a car hit his motorcycle and he succumbed to his injuries.

Shri Khajan Singh, SI, was visiting Jhajjar  in search of missing children, on  20th October 2017 , where he died in a road accident.

Shri Dharambir Singh, ASI, was on his duty, on 20th October 2017, collecting sensitive information about some gang members when he met with a road accident and died.

Shri Amarpal, Constable was travelling on 21st December, 2017, for investigation of a case when he met with an accident and succumbed to his injuries.
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