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July 31, 2018 06:17 PM

On 7th May 2017 sacked Delhi  Minister Kapil Mishra organized a press conference to level false, baseless and defamatory allegations against the party as a act of revenge for being sacked from the Delhi cabinet.

 AAP Chief Spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj said that a rumour was spread out by Kapil Mishra when he was removed from the Ministry of Aam Aadmi Party including the Jal Board and Tourism on 6th May 2017. 
The issue was highlighted by the media as it was on the front page of every daily of 8th May.

Kapil Mishra confidently claimed in the conference that he was an eye witness to the alleged  corrupt activity at the CM resience where he saw Satyendra Jain bribing CM Kejriwal with Rs 2 crore cash on 5th May 2017. 

Kapil Mishra’s lie was uncurtained when AAP asked just one question that what was the time when he witnessed the bribery but he simply refused by saying that he will detail about the timings to the CBI.  To a utter shock the cctv cameras at the CM house is the evidence  that Kapil Mishra did not even visit the CM house on 5th May 2017. Kapil Mishra said that he has provided the LG with all the proofs and evidence of the bribery. It is a simple request to the LG to please reveal the time when Kapil Mishra saw the CM getting bribed.

Even the Lokayukta demanded  evidence from Mr Mishra but he again refused by saying that he will give the details only to the CBI but after all the possible efforts and lies of Kapil Mishra the CBI and the Lokayukt finally declared CM Kejriwal clean from any corruptions.

The media must now question Kapil Mishra about the basis of his allegations.

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